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Updated: Apr 20, 2023

I have learned many lessons about love on my short journey here on Earth. No matter how painful the lessons have been, I have always been able to heal my heart like a broken bone heals, twice as strong as before. I say this with the pride of a lioness, although heartbreak is undoubtedly the most crippling experience, it offers a wealth of growth spiritually that cannot otherwise be received, on this physical plane. For those of us who have had the pleasure to love deeply, who can tap into this well of emotion, who understand that it is worth every moment of hope, faith, anguish and sorrow. This message is for you...

The passion of the lion's heart, is one that will bring you empowerment. Through passion you will dedicate yourself with an intensity and discipline that may surprise you. Passion is literally love activated...or maybe love activates passion literally. Either way, it is energy that moves you from within and empowers you to act in a world in ways that you would otherwise not dare to even consider. Passion gives you strength to accomplish what would otherwise seem impossible. With love you become a believer. Your faith is illuminated by your desires.

With great passion there can be, most likely will be, great pain. This fear, which is the opposite of love, is the driving force of disengagement. Lost of passion equates to loss of living. Death in a spiritual sense and maybe even in a physical sense. The cost is too high to not love. The heart that loves wide and open, can also be the heart that can feel disappointment and doubt most keenly. Learning to love with the lion's heart is brave. The power of courage, boldness and commitment to the act fuels our deepest desire to be seen and to exist.

There are those who are led through life by the light of their inner being, their inner knowing, and who are led by the fierceness of their heart, their desires, their aspirations. Those who follow this journey intuitively, have a tremendous connection to the divine as they are less limited by the constraints of their mind. Whereas, the mind may analyze and reflect, the heart will compassionately inquire.

Devoting oneself to living through the act of loving is not a simple task. It requires the ability to dare to be present in every space of the mind and of the body. It is the most challenging responsibility and requires daily introspection and self-love, self-care. For many, the heart is tired, lonely, broken. Maybe even disillusioned. Bringing awareness to truth of your feelings is uncomfortable but worth the connection back to self in a way that allows you to begin the process of healing and learning to love again, loving yourself maybe for the first time. Truly.

Offer yourself time to heal, you are worth it.

From my own personal experience. I have learned to love in a way that was safe, but it wasn't deep or sincere or authentic. It was not enough. Love is endless, timeless and requires every part of your soul. It is reciprocal. The more you love, the more love is available. Sigh.

I recently began loving in a way that was a bit reckless. Imagine making the choice to love. Deciding that every breathing being was worthy of love and furthermore, love from me. No matter what. Risky.

What have I learned?

That I am more than capable to handle the good and not so great consequences of loving wholeheartedly. I am giving love not expecting the source to return it in equal measure but understanding the laws of energy will and have returned that love abundantly in other forms of connection. I just have to be cognizant to know when love is being offered back to me and be of acceptance. Showing up as a loving being is not simple, but it is indeed easy. Ultimately, it is the best decision I have made in my entire life and it has reminded me of the love that represents The Divine.


Bree Morena de Santos


Inspired by Alana Fairchild - Passion of the Lion Heart

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